Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wintour Games

I can only imagine a few Milan Fashion Week organisers were muttering expletives, Sopranos-style, when word of Anna Wintour's abbreviated stay in the fashion capital first leaked last month. Though the revered and feared editrix has since extended her trip from three to four days, the scramble to cram all of the biggest collections into such a tight timeframe surely left the higher-ups at Prada and Fendi exasperated as they rescheduled their shows.

Potentially frosty Italian receptions aside, Nuclear Wintour is still being shown a little love in her native England. Artist Alex Katz has unveiled his rendering of the bobbed one, destined for London's National Portrait Gallery come May. Apparently he asked that she ditch the shades after noticing her sparkly peepers in The September Issue. Call me crazy, but are her eyes smiling?

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