Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Modern Patrick Bateman

"I guess I've killed maybe 20 people, maybe 40. I have tapes of a lot of it, uh some of the girls have seen the tapes. I even, um... I ate some of their brains, and I tried to cook a little. Tonight I, uh, I just had to kill a LOT of people. And I'm not sure I'm gonna get away with it this time. I guess, I'll uh, I mean, ah, I guess I'm a pretty uh, I mean I guess I'm a pretty sick guy."

When looking through photographer Matt Irwin’s shoot in the new June issue of Dazed, you can’t help but think of Patrick Bateman and his victims. Or, indeed, one of his warped soliloquies about the task of murdering people. Also reminiscent of the abundant artery splashes in any one of Dario Argento’s films, the shoot is an out-ant-out gore-fest. “There are obvious nods to American Psycho in the story,” says Irwin. “But what I really wanted to get across was a feeling of decomposition - of a situation degrading, becoming worse and irreversible.”

Extracted from: Dazed and Confused

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Antiquarian Avantgarde

Creeps + Creaks + 100 yr old Camera = Cauchi

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Doilies & Pearls, Oysters & Shells

My bank balance would be a lot less dry, and my penchant for novelty leggings a lot less realised, if not for Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales and their label Romance was Born.

Romance was Born's S/S 09 collection was shown at The Wharf Restaurant, Sydney Theatre Company, on Thursday April 30. The harborside setting was befitting: the collection invited you to swim amongst iridescent jellyfish, sea horses and electric eels in an Atlantis-esque underwater world. It opened up a Grandma glory box, worn by the tides of time to reveal bold costume jewelery and delicate lace doilies. The collection featured a colour palette of lustrous blue rinses, pastel pinks, lavender and mint, and the classic sailor combination of navy and cream. Crotchet, embroidery and knitting featured prominently.

Doilies and Pearls, Oysters and Shells launched two new collaborations with Australian artists Patrick Doherty and Esme Timbery. Patrick Doherty created artwork exclusively for the simply dubbed 'Patrick print', which played on imaginative scenes full of symbolic iconography. Esme Timbery, a celebrated shell artist and indigenous elder, hand shelled twenty limited edition Romance Was Born shoes. For the third season running, Paul Bonomelli came to the helm and produced accessories for the collection: hand dyed rope pendants in a delicate array of pastels with shell and pearl centre-pieces tipped in gold.

The aesthetic of the collection reminded me of one of my favourite music videos of late: "When I Grow Up" by Fever Ray, which is amazing in its own right. When I grow up I want to live near the sea...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Oasis didn’t give meaning to the word, GĂ©rard Brachdid did when he wrote Wonderwall in 1968. A film about a man who loses himself in daydreams and delusions to the beauty that is Jane Birkin, it is set in London’s swinging psychedelic 60’s, with the pertinent tagline “let your mind wonder”.

Kate MccGwire

"Pigeon feathers...come from a bird that is generally reviled - regarded as vermin and referred to as ‘rats with wings’. I started to collect pigeon feathers that moulted from the birds in a shed next to my studio – I realised that they were actually very beautiful."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Have your cake and fix it too

Happy Bow-day

The perfect solution to jowls, hickies or a meeting with the taxman: the second collection by Sydney based bow tie label All Of Our Lives.


This site is an amazing archive of Grapus posters. Grapus was a collective of graphic artists, working in France between 1970 and 1991, who sought to synthesize design and social conscience. Check it out if you want to see some examples of the graphic design rule book being shredded.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Flick her

OCD has never been so delicious.

Castor & Pollux

...lift off tonight.

CLICK for video produced by Ben Briand