Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wintour Games

I can only imagine a few Milan Fashion Week organisers were muttering expletives, Sopranos-style, when word of Anna Wintour's abbreviated stay in the fashion capital first leaked last month. Though the revered and feared editrix has since extended her trip from three to four days, the scramble to cram all of the biggest collections into such a tight timeframe surely left the higher-ups at Prada and Fendi exasperated as they rescheduled their shows.

Potentially frosty Italian receptions aside, Nuclear Wintour is still being shown a little love in her native England. Artist Alex Katz has unveiled his rendering of the bobbed one, destined for London's National Portrait Gallery come May. Apparently he asked that she ditch the shades after noticing her sparkly peepers in The September Issue. Call me crazy, but are her eyes smiling?

Cole & Collarbones

Transtate collaborative duo Collarbones (Sydney’s Marcus Whale and Adelaide’s Travis Cook) feature all round dream boy and fashion's greatest proponent of clavicle ink art, Cole Mohr, on their forthcoming album cover sleeve.

Day Gig + Peddlers Mart

Be there.

ffiXXed / Condiment Multisleeve Rug

ffiXXed is somewhat of a misnomer for the art/fashion collective comprised of ex-Melbournites Kain Picken and Fiona Laus. Unlikely bedfellows like the “mosquito-net hat extension” and “bookhanger neck chain” are testament to their organic criterion and creative bent. The above pictured "multi-sleeve rug", produced as content for the new food journal Condiment - Adventures in Food and Form, is designed to encapsulate Condiment's exploration of food, creativity and community. Available in light blue and speckled grey Japanese fabrics, with hand-sewn tassling, it is limited to a mere 15 worldwide. The sooner you lay claim to one, the sooner the segue from lazy Sunday afternoon picnics to night-time alfresco frivolity becomes more snug.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brightblack Morning Light

Yesterday I chatted to Nathan Shineywater from Brightblack Morning Light, one of the coolest and most chill dudes I have had the pleasure of interviewing. Throughout the course of the interview he used the word "groovy" over 5 times, non-ironically. In an inadvertant reference to this post, he also said: "Resistance is wearing rainbow glasses. If you’re not in the wilderness, if you’re in the city, if you’re in turmoil, maybe you don’t have any money for a joint, you put on the glasses and you’re in another dimension." Amen.


No One Belongs In My Suitcase More Than You - Arnsdorf A/W 2010


Extracted from the excellent photo blog Kampf.

Hold my dirty hand

10"x13" closed & packaged, 18"x24" open.
Limited edition hand silkscreened poster with envelope.
Roland Reiner Tiangco

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

300&65 ampersands

Celebrating the beauty of the ampersand, one is posted each day.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I am so super psyched by this album. Frauhaus is their second record and was released on Angular late last year. Buy or download it here.

Cutler & Gross x Erdem

Erdem’s much-anticipated sunglass collaboration with famed London opticians Cutler & Gross.

Inspired by vintage Japanese woodcuts, the single round style is available in five flavours, from classic black and tortoise to black lace and neutral stone, each handmade. My favorite is the Kyoto print - so packed with rainbow colors you'll think you're zenning out in a Skittles commercial.

$450 at Cutler & Gross in the UK, but I found an amazing, and less wallet damage inflicting version, here.


The entire Pambook archive (by label P.A.M. aka Perks and Mini) is now online. The impressive collection includes zines by the likes of Ari Marcopoulos, Barry McGee, Deanna Templeton and The Changes.

At home with Ralph Lundsten

Älgarnas Trädgård

The Jealous Husband

A brass necklace molded by Alexander Calder in 1940, titled 'The Jealous Husband'. Worn by Angelica Huston in 1976. Photographed by Evelyn Hofer.

Well Made Alexa

Chungers is at it again.

Alexa Chung for Made Well.