Sunday, February 28, 2010

ffiXXed / Condiment Multisleeve Rug

ffiXXed is somewhat of a misnomer for the art/fashion collective comprised of ex-Melbournites Kain Picken and Fiona Laus. Unlikely bedfellows like the “mosquito-net hat extension” and “bookhanger neck chain” are testament to their organic criterion and creative bent. The above pictured "multi-sleeve rug", produced as content for the new food journal Condiment - Adventures in Food and Form, is designed to encapsulate Condiment's exploration of food, creativity and community. Available in light blue and speckled grey Japanese fabrics, with hand-sewn tassling, it is limited to a mere 15 worldwide. The sooner you lay claim to one, the sooner the segue from lazy Sunday afternoon picnics to night-time alfresco frivolity becomes more snug.

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