Monday, March 1, 2010

New Gentlemen’s Club / Issue n° 1

New Gentlemen’s Club is an adult magazine at its roots: organic, clandestine, edgy, vibrant and provocative. The creators’ aim – in their words “a team of pervert editors and art directors” – was to fuck up the limit of decency. What to expect from this subversive team? Definitely a strike against self-righteousness.

Here's a teaser. CHAPTER ONE: “…When I was five, home with the flu or asthmatic bronchitis, I would try to pull the cock out of big Jim’s crotch and find a hole, some sign of a pussy, on Barbie (obviously I had both dolls, with my mother’s blessing) so they could screw. At seven I jerked off listening to my parents humping in the next room. I tried to come together with my mom. (…) it was during an art history class, partially spent tossing pubic hairs onto the hair-do of the female eyesore sitting in the row in front of me, that for the first time I stuck a Stabilo Boss Fluo Highlighter up my ass.”

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