Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crystal Visions

There is something about naturally occurring minerals that is both soothing and mysterious. I love these bullet necklaces by Unearthen and these raw rock rings by Billy Bride. There's also a little piece in issue #6 of Apartamento about an unabashed amethyst enthusiast that is worth checking out. To quote from it, "But it didn't matter, because that day we realised that, amongst many other things, we also shared a love for minerals, so we decided to go to the Museum Fur Naturkunde in Berlin to celebrate it. When we went in, there were lots of people taking pictures of the dinosaurs like crazy. We didn't care about the dinosaurs at all. The minerals were in the next room and we stared and praised and enjoyed for hours each and every one of the 1077 pieces they have."

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