Friday, December 18, 2009

On Love

"...They say obese women are the most sex-thirsty, which I believe, but any word with an x in it is sexy. Take axe.

A vampire’s sex-thirst consists of brilliantly lit white caverns where 105 degree stalactites are slowly dripping onto the points of 105 degree stalagmites. But how does a person to whom each building under construction… they’re going to get us… no one notices… the crane swings and who sees it but the tiny construction men, the earth the size of a marble from the moon. And you, president of Allied Ice, with an icepick in your office and a piece of tripe in every orifice—what would they think if they saw you like this? On Blank Point, love doesn’t cross your mind much. But I have this assignment, and I intend to really do the best I can with it. Does Love know how to drive? It’s not born with the ability, but can easily be taught, as they say about parrots. Love is a forty parrot diamond ring that pulls down its pants while its parents rot. I know a lot about this subject because I wrote an essay on it once.

It’s true that love is everything to a human being. Love is the water that Jesus walked upon, but when the 'water' fails and one falls into being a hermit, it is still love into which one falls.

The reason some people equate love and death is that they don’t live on the equator. It’s because love is so objectless that they must call it an abstraction and death is the name for abstractions. In other words, it makes you want to play dumb. If you do though, you eventually get caught and have to start again somewhere else, obliged to fall in and out of it for as long as you survive, like a spy. Nothing wrong with that, though. One could say caterpillars are in time what honeybees are in space.

This has been the prelude. Now you pass your hand over your face, and in that split-second you relax your gazing features completely as if you were asleep with your eyes open..."

Extract from: Richard Hell THE VOIDOID 1973 novelina

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