Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kenneth Anger

Came across (by chance, at a bookstore) this amazing director, opening up a whole new world of cinema to me… I am so out of the loop.

Lucifer Rising is the most visually stimulating thing I’ve seen… The soundtrack (created by Bobby BeauSoleil, a convicted member of the Manson family) just adds to the psychadelic/egypto/weird-out factor. Reading the DVD introductions alone, by Gus Van Sant and Martin Scorsese, shows how influential Kenneth Anger has been in "contempor-arty" culture.

It’s funny, after seeing Kenneth Anger’s films, I’ve noticed quite obvious influences in many direct interests of mine, such as graphics by clothing gods PAM (Perks and Mini), and the music video to "Interplanetary Music" by Mickey Moonlight (Midnight Mike).

I’m in love!

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